This is the thirteenth year there have been Final Year Projects in the Communication and
Public Relations (AACPR) programme, and each of the five groups have done an impressive
job of promoting its host organization. The projects are socially relevant and highlight key
interests of the students. They are also educationally relevant as they allow students to use
their classroom knowledge to create a public relations campaign for a local host organization.

The aim of each project was to generate some publicity for a Hong Kong organization.
Students begin with a topic of their interest and develop a proposal to pitch to a company of
their choice. Most groups found sponsors to assist them with materials or financial support.
Some groups were able to donate to a registered charity. Each project displays the students’
unique vision and voice. Despite the challenges in Hong Kong throughout the last academic
year, students have proved resilient and shined through their mastery of crisis management.

The host organizations were very happy with the campaigns, and the Final Year
Project supervisors have enjoyed seeing students utilize their classroom knowledge to create
real public relations events. This is clearly a mutually beneficial project and a practical life
experience that will provide students an edge in the public relations industry.

Thank you for visiting our online exhibition to view these projects and to see what this cohort of
students has done. We hope you will be impressed by their work.

Allison Leger

AACPR Programme Leader

Faculty of Arts and Humanities




The exhibition of AACPR projects this year is once again a living proof of the Programme's legacy of cultivating in our students a strong commitment and passion that spark them to creative and innovative teamwork.  For students, and for us as well, the projects are not just assessment assignments; the projects are epitomes of the authentic work in real life which they may do for a living one day, but sadly, not necessarily with the same strong commitment and passion.  I hope they will keep what they have done today as a constant reminder that only work done with a strong commitment and passion makes a real difference to us and to our community.


Here I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the host organisations for giving our students the opportunity to work with and learn from them.  Without their full support both our students' and our teachers' commitment and passion could not have realised.


Last but not least, I must give my heartfelt thankfulness to all the teachers of the Programme, in particular, to those who supervised the students' projects, for their good guidance for the students and for their selfless dedication to their work, which is what makes AACPR a programme we can be proud of.


SIN King-kui

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities



A special thanks to the supporting team for the Final Year Projects. A talented team of
outstanding Year 1 AACPR students has joined together to assist Final Year Project students
in the execution of their campaigns. The student team has created exhibition design materials
and videos. They have also built the exhibition website and served as photography assistants.
Join me in congratulating them on their hard work and achievements.

Allison Leger
AACPR Programme Leader
Faculty of Arts and Humanities

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